Adidas Alpha Bounce

Adidas Alpha Bounce EM 2017

A little faster – For the Youth to Bounce

Adidas new range of Alpha Bounce EM would surely become your new running partner as you push yourself. The more you push, the more you get. Adidas Alpha Bounce EM falls perfectly for those who enjoy a little bounce which keeps you motivated to keep moving forward.

The moulded upper made of premium hairy suede with perforations and mesh details enhances the breathability for your Bouncy Shoes providing am extra comfort for your feet to be at its comfort.

The exclusive new mesh technology by Adidas helps in giving your runner shoes the feather light weight which makes them easy to wear on for the entire day, providing you the perfect support and comfortable fit.

The Forged Mesh at the upper which is exclusively designed to take care of the areas of major support and stretch, ensuring a custom fit and taking care of your delicate joints when you are on the run.

Maintenance and Durability

To keep your Adidas Alpha Bounce EM shoes last long and forever new, you can wash the dirt off using warm water and dry them off in shade. Do not leave them out in the sun, this might damage the outsole. Maintaining the sole is generally a difficult task but make sure you wear these with few breaks.

Do not forget to air your insoles, with easy removable option of insole, in case of intense odour sprinkle small amount of baking soda in order to avoid any bacterial growth.

Variants – Adidas Alpha Bounce EM

Adidas Alpha Bounce has come up with interesting colour variants including Red, multiple shades of Blue, White, Grey, Black and not to forget the fluorescent ones.

Adidas has launched its Alpha Bounce Range beginning from Toddlers to Kids along with Men and Women. Taking care of all age groups, everyone gets a chance to bounce on their pace. No Biasing.

Adidas Alpha Bounce EM – Features to Woo.

The mid sole cushioning technology of BOUNCE™ is one of the unique features of the new range of Adidas Alpha Bounce Shoes. It is designed using motion capture technology, which studies the movement of the foot to help create optimal support and comfort. This enable perfect support to the feet and helps your body launch it back up. The comfort along with the sporty look would definitely be a perfect fit for all your attire.

The look of Adidas Alpha Bounce EM stays sporty all time with the dark contrasting 3- strips representing the signature of the brand ranging from 6499 INR to 12999 INR. They can truly complete your look from all the perspective, beginning with casual and trendy to sporty and formal.

The average range of these shoes falls in the light regular category ranging approximately 298 GMS and even lighter for toddlers and kids.

After all, “It’s never too late to start a fresh, start bouncing with the new Adidas Alpha Bounce EM and never stop”

Check out the options Adidas Alpha Bounce range provides for their customers with bouncy feet. Grab them before they run out of stock. Right here