Adidas Ultra Boost

Adidas Ultra Boost

Comfort with choice – Adidas Ultra Boost for the whole new Adventure

The new Adidas Ultra Boost sneakers launched by Adidas focuses on the sporty and adventurous youth. Perfect for the high energy levelled youth, all set and ready for new dive and experience.

The new “Prime knit” methodology launched by Adidas focuses on creating high quality clubbed up with the feature of ultra-lightweight durable sneakers, making it to be the best experience for the runners with extra stability. The Prime-Knit methodology uses fused yarn to give the best tuning for the perfect amount of flexibility, stability and providing support to the users feet at exact positions where required.

Adidas Ultra Boost uses the most responsive cushion ever, giving you the best output with amount of energy you put in.

If you are planning to start your workout or looking for something light, the quality features of Adidas provides you the best of its comfort, when choosing the sole for their Adidas Ultra Boost Range of sneakers.

Maintenance and Durability

To keep your Adidas Ultra Boost sneakers last long and forever new, you can wash the dirt off using warm water and dry them off in shade. Maintaining the sole is generally a difficult task but make sure you wear these with few breaks.

The continental Rubber outsole for the amazing grip experience in dry and wet conditions are truly remarkable which helps the user walk, run or even chase without any fear of being misbalanced or skid.

Variants – Adidas Ultra Boost

Adidas Ultra Boost has multiple variants for the users to choose what suits their taste. You may choose colors as you please amongst Black, Maroon, Grey, Red, white, blue and Green. Not to forget the Pink and Orange variation for the vibrant souls on the run out there.

The Adidas Ultra Boost range provides multiple variants for men and women with no gender inequality. Lace up your shoes or grab the ones without lace.

Adidas Ultra Boost gives its users 2 options to choose from, either use it for training (running) or for sports (football sneakers), but be sure you would love to keep them on for your entire day. Club it up with your casuals, trek wear or wear it work, you would not feel a necessity to take them off to relax.

Adidas Ultra Boost, Features to woo

The unique feature of including “Torsion System”, used between the forefoot and heels adds up to the most stable ride experience. The specialty which keeps Adidas Ultra Boost range out of the box is the molded heel counter which provides a natural fit allowing optimal movement of the most sensitive bone of your feet.

The average range of the weight falls in the regular category ranging approximately 303 GMS.

The look of Adidas Ultra Boost stays sporty all time with the dark contrasting 3- strips representing the signature of the brand ranging from 5999 INR to 21999 INR. They can truly complete your look from all the perspective, beginning with adventurous and trendy to casual and formal.

After all, “To be happy, it first takes being comfortable being in your own shoes.”

Check out the options Adidas Ultra Boost range provides for their customers with happy feet- ready to sprint. Grab them before they run out of stock.