Nike AirMax 2017

Nike Air Max 2017


Nike Air Max 2017- The one to fly

With Absolutely flawless design and look, Nike Air Max 2017 has finally come up with a combination for those who believes in performance with style. With its all new sophisticated look and good shot performance on track, it stands best in the crowd as compared to usual running shoes.

The Engineered Mesh or the Fly mesh launched uniquely by Nike has added up some amazing comfort for their shoes. Providing the user a little more flexibility, breathable upper layer for extra comfort of feet, light weight and durability to stand comfortable and dry even during those notchy summers.

Nike Air Max 2017 falls in perfect category for those who chose their running shoes wisely. They are easy to adjust and get the right fit along with the thin tongue which gradually becomes a part of fabric cage holding the mid-section of your feet securely.

Nike’s unique Air technology give the best result when it comes to the sole, it provides to its customers. This consists of pressurized air inside a tough and flexible bag, which is perfectly placed in the midsole beneath the heel and forefoot.

The lace-up feature gives a formal look to the attire along, depending on the get up you choose for the day.

Maintenance and Durability

Maintaining a regular wear sports shoe might be a difficult task. Just make sure you wear it with breaks.

Use soft bristled brush to clean the outsole and do not forget to use the warm water for complete care of the material. Always dry them at room temperature.

With removable of insole feature, it helps preventing ingrowth of bacteria or fungal infection. They can be washed and fit in back at the right place.

Variants – Nike Air Max 2017

Nike Air Max 2017 provides its customers to multiple combination of colors for the users suiting their taste. You may choose colors as you please amongst Deep Royal Blue, Bright Crimson, Green Stone and a lot more. Racer Pink with Ghost Green combination is one of the catchy combinations for women in this range of Nike Air Max 2017.

The Nike Air Max 2017 range provides multiple variants for men and women with no gender biasing.

Nike Air Max 2017, Features to woo

The molded foam wraps your midfoot perfectly and heels for the lockdown feature, proving the best of comfort. The Nike’s full length Max Air Unit provides the best cushioning and an easy smooth transition.

The average range of the weight falls in the regular category ranging approximately 366 Gms for men shoes and 337 Gms for Women.

The look of Nike Air Max 2017 stays sporty all time with the perfect color combination of its logo representing the signature of the brand ranging from 5059 INR to 12000 INR. They can truly complete your look from all the perspective, beginning with casual and trendy to sporty and formal.

After all, “Comfortable Shoes carries you to the best destinations.”

Check out the options Nike Air Max 2017 range provides for their customers with happy feet. Grab them before they run out of stock.