Adidas Neo

Adidas Neo 2

Comfort with choice – Adidas Neo 2 for the Trending Youth

With the Sporty and classy look, Adidas Neo 2 range of sneakers fall perfectly in place for the ones who believe in comfort with style at work or at play. The breathable upper mesh and lining takes care of your feet providing extra room to stretch out.

If you are planning to start your workout or looking for something light, the quality features by Adidas provides you the best of its comfort, when choosing the sole for their Adidas Neo Range of shoes.

The Polyurethane (PU) Sole in Adidas Neo 2 enables flexibility, comfort and ease to put on your style quotient. Resistant to slipping along with being an excellent shock absorber Adidas Neo suits best for athletes and for the fast moving souls in the town. The normal ankle height and its light weight makes you feel best at the comfort without a feel of burden and discomfort to take them off, now and then.

The lace-up feature provides a formal look to the attire along with the round shape at the tip making it comfortable and to put on with any attire you choose.

Maintenance and Durability

To keep your Adidas Neo sneakers last long and forever new, you can wash the dirt off using warm water and dry them off in shade. Maintaining the sole is generally a difficult task but make sure you wear these with few breaks, rub your sole with fish oil or linseed oil for longer durability.

The lower density of the sole used in Adidas Neo 2 creates a cellular structure which benefits much empty spaces making it feel weightless to carry you to your next destination.

Variants – Adidas Neo 2

Adidas Neo 2 has multiple variants for the users to choose what suits their taste. You may choose colors as you please amongst Black, Maroon, Grey, Red, white and Blue. The variant of peach color for women is a poppy option.

The Adidas Neo range provides multiple variants for men and women with no gender inequality.

Adidas Neo 2, Features to woo

The unique feature of including “cloud foam”, used in the midsole provides a comfort of supreme level of cushioning your underfoot helping the user feel no stress on major points of your feet, when you are on run.

The average range of the weight falls in the regular category ranging approximately 317 Gms.

The look of Adidas Neo 2 stays sporty all time with the dark contrasting 3- strips representing the signature of the brand ranging from 3599 INR to 8599 INR. They can truly complete your look from all the perspective, beginning with casual and trendy to sporty and formal.

After all, “To be happy, it first takes being comfortable being in your own shoes.”

Check out the options Adidas Neo range provides for their customers with happy feet. Grab them before they run out of stock.